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Lumetrics develops and manufactures high precision thickness measurement and gauging systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Started in 2002 and based in Rochester NY, the company licensed thin film measurement technology from Eastman Kodak and created OptiGauge, a new approach to non-contact optical measurement of multi-layer materials that is fast, accurate, flexible, and scalable to almost any QA laboratory or manufacturing operation.

Lumetrics' OptiGauge is ideal for measurement of a wide range of materials, including:

  • Flat films and roll stock
  • Tubing, including catheters, dimension stock, capillary tubes, and angioplasty balloons
  • Glass products such as automotive windows, float glass, optical flats and windows, and ampoules
  • Ophthalmics, contact lenses, spherical and aspherical single and multiple-layer components

OptiGauge systems are in daily use at Fortune 500 companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, food packaging, eye-care products and coatings industries.

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